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If you've gone around the web you must've possibly seen all kinds of information on rooting. But behold I have got the best tea. In the good old days rooting was well, shit. So what was the solution to make it much much better? Root the device! That was the solution. So, here we explore what you need to know before rooting your android phone.



Rooting in the simplest form is gaining access to your device OS that will allow endless customization unlike before. Every android phone runs on the Linux Kernel and middleware that is quite similar to a Linux distribution you would install under the hood, root was the solution to try and fix them, OUR way. Rooting is where you get complete access to customize everything in the device OS, these permissions allow you to modify to your heart's content.

Nowadays, of course, Android has evolved from it's used to be "sorry state". Even the cheapest of the variety now packs way more power to their punches than the best android variety from back then. But the inquisitive vets like us still want a way to entertain ourselves. Be it for the purpose of education, curiosity, malicious thoughts, etc

Before every great cook-off, there's proper prepping. Here also, you must properly prep before you root. Of course, when it comes to root, there are quite a few methodologies and depending on which one you are using the prepping will differ a little.

Generally, it is required for you to install Android SDK tools and Unlock your device bootloader before proceeding. Sounds scary? Don't be. It is not as difficult as it looks and knowing how to use these tools better will help if things go awry. So do your research.

It solely depends on you mate. Should you be a vet or a complete noob when it comes to rooting your android phone, it all comes to your decision to ''Root or NOT to". Some just do it because they can and some just for the sheer thrill. And there's the other who do it for educational purposes like me. So, I do not care which one you are but if you want to do it, JUST DO IT!

Android rootandroid root

android root

The process might look really tiring and hard for you as you read on. But let me break it down for you. There is a solution to your pain. That is using third-party software such as Odin or Kingoroot. They will do all the hard work for you and you can make sure you don't accidentally break your phone trying to do this tedious task all by your self. They will do everything in One-click under 1 minute and all it takes it one click to rooting your android phone. So if you are looking for an easy and fast method for rooting your phone click here . This is what you should know Debunked!

We are witnessing a surge in mobile device users in recent years. That is along with the advancements of mobile technologies, opening a way for businesses to get countless opportunities amidst challenges. The modern mobile app development technologies help to create robust applications, which streamlines business processes and engage more customers.

However, as the mobile market is changing at a rapid pace, companies are required to find a way to accelerate app development cycles that reduces the cost of ownership. To address this, platforms such as Xamarin can help developers and companies to create better apps that can handle the diversity of mobile devices and user needs.

How Xamarin helps to build robust mobile apps

Xamarin tools help developers to create cross-platform mobile applications. Such apps can run like native apps on Android, iOS, Windows, and other mobile OS.

Developers can choose from the two available project types to write code with Xamarin:


1. Portable Class Library (PCL)

It helps developers to write a sharable code, however, with a limitation of platforms that need to be targeted.

2. Shared Project

It offers control to developers by enabling them to write platform-specific code for all the platforms they want to support.

Briefly, Xamarin developers need to write specific UI code depending on the platform, while they can reuse the business logic across mobile OS platforms.

Let us have a look at critical functionalities that Xamarin developers leverage to build efficient and cost-effective apps.

1. Code Reuse

It is a "write once, run everywhere" development platform. That means developers can write a code for an app function in one programming language and share it across platforms. This functionality boosts the app development process for various OS platforms.

2. Native App Experience

Xamarin IDE enables Android developers to write code in C# language. Xamarin.Forms tool converts the app UI components depending on the OS platform at runtime. Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android ensures the users get a seamless app that behaves like a native application on their devices. Xamarin.Mac tool helps to create native Mac applications using .Net and C#. Besides, the use of Xamarin.Forms allow developers to increase the speed of app development significantly.

3. Complete Development Ecosystem

It provides a complete development toolset in a single package, which includes its IDE. In 2018, various tools and features such as Xamarin SDKs, distribution and analytics platforms, Xamarin test cloud, and more became a part of the Visual Studio App Center. That means Developers can add custom app elements such as web service APIs and more directly from IDE. They do not need to invest in tools or integrate third-party applications to build, test, and deploy apps built with Xamarin.

4. Simple Maintenance and Cloud Testing

Developers can apply changes to the source files of the Xamarin apps, and that can reflect directly to Android, iOS, and other compatible platforms. However, developers need to use Xamarin.Forms or the shared codes, business logic, and updates for Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.iOS applications to avail of this facility. It will save time and money while keeping the app up to date.

Even an expert Xamarin programmer has to face challenges of an extended amount of time requirements while testing and evaluating the performance of the apps on various devices. However, Xamarin Test Cloud helps to detect the errors and bugs in the cloud directly, which saves significant time for testing apps.

5. Learning Resources

From beginner to expert, every Xamarin developer can use the resourceful library of Microsoft Learn. It caters to the need of C# programmers as well as users with a little knowledge of programming. It includes free self-learning guides, live online classes, guest lectures, and more. clubapk app That means Xamarin developers get quick solutions for any of their queries in one place, which eventually, speeds up their development process.

Apart from this, the Xamarin platform offers many functionalities to app development companies and programmers, including:


Developers have shown more interest in using this technology than any other platform to build cross-platform apps in the last few years. According to Xamarin, over 1.4 million developers across 120 countries were leveraging Xamarin's products as of April 2017. An expert Xamarin programmer can create a robust cross-platform app that helps clients save development time and costs. On the other hand, it allows developers to maintain and develop new app features conveniently.

To conclude, it can be the best replacement for the existing traditional development methods for mobile apps. With user-friendly features, cost-effectiveness, and speedy development process, it is capable of becoming the next revolution in the mobile development field.