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You can meet more women on Facebook if you stop making stupid mistakes that are currently getting you REJECTED or (even worse) completely ignored. Most guys don't end up having sex with girls that they meet through Facebook - because they never even get their Friends Request accepted, let alone get her to "Like" something.


The first step of the process to meet more girls is getting your requests accepted. How do you do that? Simply - add girls that you have more mutual friends with, write her a short hello message (that will get her interested) and have a more appealing Facebook Profile. The first impression is the most important - if you mess up that one, you probably won't get a second one. Adding random girls from different cities and countries won't help. Find a girl from your neighborhood - maybe a girl you've been seeing around (so that she recognizes you). Then write her something like "Hey, I'm Joe, the funny stalker guy neighbor from our supermarket :) you came up as a "People you may know" so I thought I'd add you :) cheers." And that's it. She'll HAVE to accept you. Just be as NON-THREATENING as possible. She doesn't want a guy that will send her 500 messages and that she'll have to "black list" on her Facebook Chat. The less of a threat you look, the more likely she'll accept you.

Once you're in - just focus on NOT messing up. Be different from all the other guys. Differentiate yourself in a positive way. Try to think like she thinks. If you know how to build a more attractive Facebook Profile - you'll get her interested in finding out more about you. And that's the second and most important step.

Most guys mess up by trying to pick up a girl (in a too obvious "hitting on you" kind of way). DO NOT HIT ON GIRLS ON FACEBOOK - it's OBVIOUS and it's lame. Instead - create a SHOW - so that the whole thing looks as if "it just happened." Or, even better, it appears as if SHE seduced you. It's possible to do that. Most guys never end up meeting girls from Facebook because they never get through this "stage" of getting her interested - they just immediately start going for it by commenting all stuff on her profile, "like-ing" everything they can - and making it VERY obvious that they are DESPERATE for having sex with her. That's NOT how you get sex through Facebook. Don't be another boring guy.

You'll get MORE sex through Facebook by making it your goal to get to know a girl better and have fun - than if you focus on getting her into bed. Sure - you can not pick up every girl, and don't expect to. But you could be having A LOT more sex and meeting a lot more girls if you were just doing the right thing. It's a step by step process.

Girls that are interested in you WILL give you a SIGN that they are interested (after your initial interaction with the girl). You have to know exactly what this sign is and how to recognize it. Learning "Facebook body-language" is essential to meeting more girls from Facebook. Some basic clear signs that she's interested is when she sends you a Friends Request first, or a message - or she initiates Chat often, or "Likes" something that you do. The important thing is that you recognize which sign means what and WHEN to move forward on your way to the bedroom. If you go too fast - you'll scare her away. If you go too slow - she'll might end up loosing interest. Learning to interpret her signals will be KEY to mastering Facebook Seduction.